The Nightmare That Is Renting in India

So recently, I went to a village area in one of the most popular towns in the northern state of India. I took a place on rent. At first, I thought that my expectations will meet, but after reaching here, I was a bit disappointed.

Problem of Indians – people who rent out don’t share exact details, especially for short term renters as they know that renters will go once their vacation ends. Taking photos in such a way that places appear larger. People want to earn money from the empty properties lying with them. But they are not ready to take it seriously. If this is your source of income – whether primary or secondary – you should take it seriously. You should provide all the basis amenities and facilities. Moreover, you should ensure that your house is made in such a way (quality, design, etc.) that it is liked by people.

Even if the house is not made such, you should make some arrangements.

In India, the relation between the landlords and the renters is such a tricky affair. Everyone wants to hide something.

There is no code of conduct. Sometimes, even agreement is not signed.

Unlike USA, there is no super or committee overlooking the affairs. A dedicated handyman is not there. Building manager is not there.



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